Never lose your trust: it is in the moments of doubt, when the whole process stops.
You may not be fully aware of how important your faith in this path.

Your Twin reflects everything back to you, he is your most reliable mirror and nothing escapes from his reflection.

Fears, insecurities , love, trust, full faith (the good and the bad), all reflects back to you, so you must monitor your thoughts carefully.

You can observe your emotions when you feel sad: which thought attracted the sadness? If you can reverse it, do so! To achieve the great change that you need depends on your thought pattern, so harmony will reign in your connection.

Real changes in your thoughts will be reflected by winks of your Twin (small or big signals coming directly from him).

Your Twin Flame and you are ONE, thus; in order for him to come to you, in harmony, you definitely have to get that harmony installed within yourself first!

It will come disciplining your thoughts, the great creators of your life and the events that occur within it, don´t you ever forget this.

Making a sincere examination of them, and being the master of your life, you will be guided by your heart and not by your mind.

You’re in control, be aware of it, your happiness and reunion depend on it. 🙂

Love and blessings.