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Hi all. 🙂
We would like to share yet another personal story with you. This time it’s Sheri’s, who was kind enough to share her wonderful and amazing journey with us.
To Sheri: if he is your Twin Flame, you will know it in your heart. Every inch of your being will tell you, it will be a lover greater than any kind you have ever felt. What is meant to be will happen, trust. 🙂 


I too have a story to tell, is it possible that a person can come across their twin flame over the course of their life, before finally realizing that they are really connected as twin flames?

My story is different, but very interesting and I have been doing a lot of soul searching about it. I met who I know is my twin flame about 18 years ago while at work. He was a delivery man for the pharmacy that I worked at, from day one when our eyes met, there was an instant attraction, he is 9 years older than I am and the chemistry was like none other, and so unexplainable.

Anyways as time went on each day that we would see each other and got to know each other more and more over time, I had this strange feeling that I knew we had been in contact before, but I thought how could this be?

Then one day we were talking about where he worked, which was a zoo in Oakland, CA that I went to as a child, and I remember him as I have this photogenic memory. I asked him if he worked with the amusement rides and he said all the time, I asked him if he ever assisted in making sure that the children had their belts fastened tight before starting the rides, he said he did. I didn’t understand how the belt worked so slid it through and tried to fake what I was doing, but he caught it.

He buckled me in, and tapped me on the head and ruffled up my hair, and smiled. I remembered his eyes, there was something about those beautiful blue eyes. As the ride went around and around, all I could think of was. Who is this man, what is he thinking about while he was looking off in the distance? At the time I was only about 10 years old and I couldn’t understand why I was so attached to this man I didn’t even know. He would have been 19 years old at the time.

Every now and then for years, I would think of this man, and never could figure out why that moment in time in my life would come back to me, but it did. Then fast forward to 1984 I was pregnant with my first child, I had married at the age of 17 years old, but my first child wasn’t born until almost 10 years later.

Anyways, my parents wanted me to go shopping with them one day and my mother said they wanted to take me to this new Restaurant. She said the owner is really nice, and I hope he’s there so that you can meet him. Well, low and behold as we were getting ready to order this man walked up and my mother said, this is our daughter. The man looked at me our eyes met, and there again was those beautiful blue eyes, he even was kind of flirting with me, which I was flattered because I was about 7 months pregnant, and didn’t think any man would even want to pay attention to me.

But there was something different about this man, this connection was there. As I got to the car, all I could think of was I shouldn’t be thinking like this, I am married and going to have a baby. So let it go, but I have to say I thought about that man off and on all the time for years. Well, come to find out, this very same delivery man was the man at the zoo, the man that owned that Restaurant at that time, and now he’s come back into my life once again. We have this attraction that neither of us can explain, this pull to each other.

The hardest part of all is we are both married to other people, and we tried to run from each other off and on, when one would pull away the other would come on strong, it went back and forth for years, then finally we gave into the passion. We are so connected I can feel his physical pains that he has, I can feel when he is about to call me, and look at my phone and it rings, I looked back in the photo’s I took of him at work and the clock on the wall the time is 11:11.

He would always seem to show up with deliveries at 11:11 am. I didn’t even know about 11:11 until I researched it.

There was one time he was on vacation and the cruise ship he was on tipped over, he thought he was going to die, he tells me about it. The crazy thing was I at work during that time of day, and something hit me, and said just say a prayer for his safety something is wrong and I did. I was scared because I didn’t know what was going on, but followed what my instinct was tell me.

Then when he came back to work the following week, he told me what happened. I don’t know how this is all going to go? He ended up retiring from his job 3 years ago, but we still stay in close contact with each other.

Here we are 18 years later and the love is so strong, it hurts because we are both with our spouses just going thru the motions, to save everyone else from being disappointed or hurt. But we hurt so badly and want to share our lives together.

Do twin flames always end up together? I feel that he is now 66 and I will be 57 years old that we aren’t getting any younger, will it be our time someday? Will we ever get to share our lives together out in the open for the world to see.

The feeling of unconditional love is so outstanding, so wonderful, and I get so much energy from him, and he from me. When we don’t see each other after about a week, I start getting weak, and feel run down and just need to hear his voice, anything to build up the energy levels again.

At first I thought if it wasn’t the real deal, the flame of desire would have went out years ago, our love just continues to get stronger and stronger and the passion is unexplainable.

Oh one day at work, he was joking with me and before he walked away, he tapped me on the head and ruffled up my hair, and it really hit me, I’ve been through this before.

What does all this mean, this is my twin flame isn’t it….I know he is I guess that’s all that matters.