Sometimes it is hard to keep the faith, despite all we have learned and all we know about the Twin Flame path.

Every day is a big test for our trust and confidence: sometimes it is required to have blind faith, no signs around, even from the Universe. A feeling of disconnection invades us, and we feel devastated..

We need to overcome the sadness, the fears and every low vibration because they really have the power to put us down and make us want to quit our path. We need to be strong enough to follow our heart, even if we can’t see any progress.

The Twin Flame path is not only about reunions and happy endings: we need to remember who we are, and why we are here. Most of us on the Twin Flame path, are graduated souls coming from higher dimensions to serve a mission of help to the planet Earth in these times, to reach the planetary Ascension and raise the third dimensional vibration to the fourth: the vibration of the heart, to create a new Earth of oneness and love.

The reason of reunions here and now, is due to the huge, immense energy of every couple of Twins working together on a mission. They are able to accelerate the Ascension process in an amazing and incredible way, shortening the times in which this will be completely achieved.

So, back to the emotions (which are sometimes so hard to bear) of sadness, doubts, and anxiety: we can overcome them. We have work to do here, and we decided to come here to achieve that goal. 🙂 It has been agreed.

We have to know, and be absolutely sure that the time is NOW, and reunions will occur. That’s the plan, that’s the mission, and it has to be accomplished, only fears and doubts can extend time.

When we achieve the mastery over our emotions, we are ready to attract our Twins without delay: they will come to us, perfectly and harmoniously.

So, we have enough reasons to keep on going, to put our foot down firmly (and not allow anything to knock us over) and keep moving forward on our path.

We will be rewarded with the most beautiful and sacred love. All pain and all grief will be just a vague bad memory, unable to tarnish our great happiness.

Love and blessings,

❤ Angave.