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A new and exciting video by Patricia McNeilly, described by her as follows:

“Hello, in this video I speak about the Energies of this Full Moon, in April 2014, which is also an eclipse. This is a Moon, and cosmic energies that put the spotlight upon Twin Flames, Twin Flame FULL Reunions and Merge. This energy was opened in March 2014 and will be an open portal for Encounters and Re-Unions. While others may lose their focus, upon “conspiracy theories” Twins are getting UNIVERSAL attention and support from the unseen Realms to BRING the Love and Passion, back to them, and to Merge their Full Source Love here into this level. Many people who have been waiting indeed from the last Ascension Cycle and the time of Atlantis will be Reunited to merge. The Full Sacred Sexual Merge to be finally realized for the first time by many in thousands of years. Keep your focus on your Beloved and expect your new to begin showing up in front of you! My website: http://www.twinflamesmerge.com. Please enjoy! Patricia.”