We’re all here on Earth, in these decisive times of changes, vibrating with the new energies we’re receiving, all the time.

Awakening to the truth, to our own truth, we’re souls living in a physic realm, but we’re discovering all our potential as aware beings, here and now.

Maybe most of us already found their Twin Flame, and we’re already on this path, this difficult process that takes the best and the worst from us, that really makes us know ourselves like never before…

We cannot put ourselves in a “stand by” mode while our Twins (who are less aware) are beginning their own processes. We need to move; to create things that really serve the purpose of our soul: and that purpose will reveal itself to us on its own.

Our purpose is always that which fills our soul, that makes us smile, everything in which we lose the sense of time. Let’s go for it!

It could be a hobby, something we love to do, or work we like to do, there are many possibilities.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

While doing so,ย we can distract ourselves, spend our time in a useful way, enjoying what we love to do, and meanwhile, the process with our Twins will develop in peace and harmony. Our mind will be occupied and there will be less space for doubts, fears, and negative thoughts, that are the REAL obstacles in the path towards reunion.

Our energies and vibrations will increase, and we’ll attract positive things (including good signs from our Twins) that will give us the necessary strenght to follow and trust everything is being just the way it has to be.

Follow your passion, your truth, and you will be already starting the mission you came to do here, on Earth, which will be shared with your Twin after reuniting.

What is your purpose in life? ๐Ÿ™‚

Love and blessings,