We have only one Twin Flame, but along the path we may find catalysts that will trigger the debugging process of our soul. A catalyst can be any soul mate that has not fully woken up and detonates the process.

This catalyst can be the Twin Flame as well: before his own debugging, he will not be fully awake. However, it just may be another soul too. We can even find more than one catalyst. Especially if -during the stage of runner- we decided to experience love with another soul. If we are on the evolution path of the Twin Flame, that person we meet will also serve the purpose of internal cleansing.

We will be sure that the person who takes us through the process is the only true Twin Flame after the fusion of souls. When this union occurs there is no return: souls are married, they have been melded for the love and the divinity. The both of you are one soul, hence the term: “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” This is true, even if these people remain physically separated (for now).

Annete Ruiz.