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The (new) portals have been opened! We can now proceed to the phase of (inner) cleansing and clarification, which means April will be a month in which we can feel a heavy, pressing energy upon us.

No, we are not there yet. We cannot say we are there yet, mostly because we are experiencing daily interactions with our surroundings, with other people, those who show us all sorts of things and tell us things, which causes us to absorb everything (energetically).
We have not been cut off from the entirety, from ourselves, from our Twin, because we are WHOLE.

The upcoming time we will feel an explosive energy, that kind of energy that could take you anywhere. It has everything to do with the current resurrection.

I myself, have been experiencing mostly physical ailments. Ailments that need(ed) immediate treatment. You may also experience physical complaints, like nausea, stomach ache, head ache, sore muscles, or even a horrible pain in your feet. Even throwing up could be a part of it.

The only cure is rest, surrender, acceptance. Take good care of yourself, and when in doubt: always get a medical check-up.

April will also be a month in which many contradictions regarding Twin Flames, Twin Flame-love and soul love may be thrown at you. You may read articles that claim the reunion with your Twin Flame can solely be found within yourself; that you need to be ONE with yourself, and will not be able to experience this in the physical with your Twin. But as a Twin, you are not an individual; you are already ONE, and so you will reunite with your other ONE. Twin Flames find their way towards Light and Love, and they are the source of unconditional love.

You may also hear fanatic contradictions from the conservative area, or patterns of fascism stemming from religion. You may even hear claims about Twin Flame-love being a trap, demonic, a dark spirit. Us Twin Flames would be claimed to be bombarded with demons, cut off from ‘God’.
Always remember that true Twin Flames are standing in the light, and not in darkness. We all stem from the source of Love. We are here to live the God(ess) from within.

Aside from this, we are in the middle of Lilith’s era. By religion, she may also be called the ‘forbidden fruit’. Lilith, however, is the free feminine spirit, whereas Eve is the trapped feminine spirit. Something nearly nobody knows, is that Eve -as the Ancient Mother- has been deciding the role of the woman for thousands of years, as Adam’s second wife. However, Lilith -being Adams first wife- has been living hidden, for all those years. Inherent to the Aquarius Era, everything that has been hidden will come back to the surface now. Lilith’s power is irreversible. Lilith is alive..

On a Sumerian clay tablet, dated 4000 years old, Lilith is represented as a woman with wings, the claws of a bird, a crown upon her head and the Ankh-symbol in both of her hands, as a symbol of immortality.
Who was Lilith? She was the first wife appointed to Adam by God. However, while having ‘intercourse’ with Adam, Adam wanted to be on top; he wanted Lilith to surrender to him. Lilith refused, for she was created by God from the Divine Feminine, completely equal to the Divine Masculine –from which Adam was created. When Adam kept on pushing her, and started threatening her, Lilith escaped the Paradise forever, and fled to the ‘waters of the Ocean’ (the subconsciousness), where she still hides today.

The woman has been ‘beneath the man’ for years, and has been trapped in a role imposed on her by cultures and religion. Because of this, the masculine and feminine became immensely imbalanced, causing a lot of violence and war.
In the Era of Lilith the balance between the masculine and feminine will be restored more and more. Yes, men are from Mars and Women are from Venus so they are not the same; but they are equal. With this, the time has come for Lilith to arise from the subconsciousness, and be released.

The ‘masculine energy’ can no longer suppress the feminine energy (love, oneness, commitment, harmony; meaning he can no longer suppress these aspects), and so: Twin Flame-love will prevail, always.

In short, you CANNOT GIVE UP. Do not let it happen!

Namaste, Caroline

Disclaimer: all rights go to Caroline from http://www.carmacoaching.nl