When Twin Flames meet, the sexual energy arises and is especially felt by both of the Twins; the sexual energy may have been at a sleeping state in both Twins for many years, maybe living with a karmic soul mate where the sexual energy was an energy of old habits, rather than one of disireable passion.

When Twins recognize each other -this may be non-physical or physical- a process of awakening “The Cosmic Touch” begins, which means that the sleeping Kundalini energy will arise to clear the Hara chakra (the second chakra) of all the past blockages, that past life experiences may have caused.

This applies to both men and women, because they have lived in the old energy of authoritarian masculine / submissive feminine values, which has caused a lot of abuse, sexual violence, sexual humiliation, sexual hurt; therefore there is a lot of clearing in the Hara chakra for both.

The sexual pleasure Twins feel cannot in any way be compared to the old sexual friction energy, where the energy was mainly focused around the genitals; as Twins make love they experience the Cosmic Wave running through their whole body, which means, that the orgasm will be felt in the whole body and the sexual energy can arise also without the physical touch; it is like opening a door which has been closed for million of years; making love is an orgastic feeling in the whole body, which is quite wonderful and at the same time very healing for the wounds of the past to be cured; once Twins are together in the physical love making, their bodies cling to each other like glue and it gives a pleasure to feel the other one, that words cannot even begin to describe.

When Twins make love, they connect to the Higher Self of each other, which means that they reach out and caress each other in the non-physical dimension, bringing the Cosmic Love into physical manifestation; that is why the physical love-making of Twins is so very special; they bond into ONENESS, the oneness they once left behind and have been searching for throughout all of their past gone lives.

As their sexual desire and passion goes beyond the physical dimension, all of the old wounds may also arise to be cleared away, which can come as a surprise for many, because they were unaware of the sexual clearing, or the Cosmic Love clearing which is deep and profound for both.

This may cause temporary separation, because the wounds of the past need healing; a healing which can only be done personally – meaning one Twin cannot cure the other; it is always a personal path of clearing; this is essential to know, because many -women especially- want to cure the other one by giving them healing, which they really do not need, because the healing of each soul comes from within – it is so important to notice, that one Twin cannot save the other one, both have to walk their separate way towards individual wholeness and can then offer complement for each other, as Twins complete each other, but never make each other whole; wholeness can only come from within each Twin.

Once you understand the nature of the journey of Twins, you will experience a state of inner peace, which provides for the space to grow, that each Twin needs; it is difficult for many to let go of all of the old control games, which has been outplayed in the old karmic relationships; just know, that Twins work at the invisible level to provide for the love vibration, that brings them into REUNION.

There is so much passion, desire and sexual pleasure to be shared and especially the sexual pleasure is wonderful, because the love making connects to the Higher Realms of Cosmic Love, which was not possible in the past relationships, simply because the transition into higher awareness had not taken place.

Enjoy your sexual rebirth,

With Love & Light


(from Emme’s Path: “The Journey to finding my Soul)