A wonderful clarification about how the Twin awakens you to self-love, and how self-love is a crucial aspect on this path. ❤

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moon star
Soul: Hello. I wanted to make sure that I understood this sentence well you said in your block. ( If you are still there scratching your head… Notice when you are not resisting yourself your twin comes into your existence, and when you make the resistance about them they are posed to run away… This is on purpose! ) ….. it means that if I make a resistance about them, it’s the same as I would go in resistance to myself right or not?

Us: here is what this may sound like inside of you…. If he finds this out.. he will leave me.. The truth is what you hide from your twin you are hiding within yourself.. this creates energy for them to run as it is a block that they can’t give you something you can’t or won’t give yourself..
Soul: ah thank you, now I understand


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