The essence of unconditional love is to be able to let go, to let the beloved free to Be, trusting that the Universe will always reunite people who love each other, sooner or later, especially if they are Twin Flames.

And this is the most important lesson, detachment, and a love that goes beyond anything; whether or not the person stays next to us.

The path of detachment leads us to grow, to evolve, to become strong, knowing that we are whole beings and to be happy with ourselves, once we have achieved this and obtained that real peace of mind, free from anxiety and fears, which comes from love without expectations, a gate of endless possibilities will open in front of us.

The key is to let go. Love freely, and release your loved one.

A love like the Twin Flame love, can never be forgotten, and when you become WHOLE and happy with yourself, your loved one will be BACK, completely ready for you. Much blessings. 🙂