Jesus, (Lord Sananda)  and Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)

I am Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene).

My beloved ones:

From now you can call me the night of the 3rd of each month to reactivate the light cords of Twin Flames who do not activate it, or are not aware of it.

At night, before going to bed, do a little meditation and summon me to the petition. Once you feel at peace, come out of the meditation and enter into sleep. That night my beloved Sananda and I will work with you and your Twin Flame.

Receive my deepest love and desire for reunion with your Twin Flame.

I am Lady Nada.


I am Sananda.

My dear children,

Just a couple of words I will send you today:

Call me in your meditation if you want to know who really is your Twin Flame.

I have seen many of you wasting your time carried away with the passion that wakes up in you for some people, and not by the heart. It’s time for you to distinguish when something that you feel is third dimensional passion, or pure and selfless love.

Also call me to ask me in meditation to guide you on your way to your Twin Flame, my beloved Lady Nada ( Mary Magdalene) or myself. This work is important and must be done through meditation: don’t let it happen in the dream world where you have no conscious control of it. It’s time that you begin to trust yourself.. what has to come in your dreams will come anyway.

With Love and devotion,

I am Sananda.