Twin Flames are a unit, a single cell from the Source embodied in two bodies of different polarities: male and female.

Ethereally, they are connected through the chakras, especially the heart which is the main link by which these souls are connected.

This tie -heart to heart- is their way of communication and contact. It can feel as a gentle vibration or heat in the area of the heart.

Twin Flames can sense what their partner is feeling: they can even have the same pain or illness.
Feelings of sadness or joy suddenly arriving without explanation, have much to do with what your other half is feeling.

The etheric connection is limitless.
A pair of Twin Flames can make love thousands of miles away by just thinking about each other.
They can do it both consciously (those who have already recognized each other as a Twin) and unconsciously.

Just thinking about each other creates an immediate etheric connection: they can physically feel it like stroking, vibrations, an ecstatic energy that fills the soul with joy, physically and spiritually. They meet also in the world of dreams, to transmit messages, or just join each other when in the physical plane they are separated.

Their telepathy is amazing: when Twin Flames are in contact (talking personally or online) whether or not aware of their connection, they are able to know what the other is thinking, and to notice this can be very intimidating (which can cause fear in within the running counterpart).
That’s why we should not hold any grudges or angry thoughts about our Twin Flame -whatever they could have “done” to us- because when we feel any kind of anger or resentment it will turn against us, as we are one.

We just need to radiate our unconditional love towards them, knowing that this is the only way that love (which always emits a healing energy) sent from heart to heart will reach our beloved one, breaking the barriers and obstacles created by ego and mind which are ultimately the cause of separation and escape.

Much blessings.