On this path we are walking, the path of the Twin Flame , we need to keep feeding our hope every day, which is the hardest part.

We receive a lot of help from our guides, who are always there with us, especially in these times when burdened by pain. We may often want to leave, quit.
These signs are a little wink of the Universe, and sometimes they make us smile in the midst of the anguish. We must always be open to divine guidance, that is our support, and we´ll be never alone.

We know that behind those beautiful signs, through cartels, phrases, numbers or songs, is also present our Higher self -which we share with our beloved- who wants to convey his feelings. Often by these synchronicities we know what they are currently feeling, and the cause of his behavior. It’s very important to pay attention.

We must not hesitate: doubt and fear keep us away from the right road, and they lead us down the wrong path and deviate us from the designs of our soul.
We have agreed on this meeting from the beginning of times, and the agreement is PERFECT: it is for the benefit of the planet, and elevation to a dimension of consciousness where the heart transcends, and brings a reality of pure love. We need to be aware of it .

Let’s ask for guidance in meditation, and pray for healing fears and doubts that invade us so we can preserve room only for faith, trust, and unconditional love  which can create miracles..

Happy journey, the destination will be wonderful…   ❤  🙂