A little history of their multidimensional origin.

The soul of every human being 3D of this planet is in the 6th density. This soul has no sex anymore well defined, contains both polarities together or unified in perfect balance: this is clearly shown in the Hindu deities which are represented with androgenic characteristics. To experience the 5th, 4th, 3rd , 2nd ​​and 1st density was necessary to split into two polarities: male and female.

Many legends, myths, sacred texts, ancient beliefs etcetera, have repeated this story again and again, including the Catholic / Christian Bible: it refers to the myth that God created man and then takes a part of this man (Adam) and transforms it into a feminine polarity complement, or Eve.

Both polarities of male and female have experienced many incarnations in the 3rd density, not only on Earth but also in 3D other planets like ours. This planet is about to enter its 4th density or planetary ascension as a result of beating the terms to endure the life of humans after over 75.000 years of continuous and repeated incarnations in 3D. This great 75.000-year cycle is divided at a time in 3 cycles (or small precessions) of the equinoxes around the great central sun. Each rotation or galactic cycle takes approximately 25.000 years. Earth actually fulfilled those mentioned cycles.

Twin Flames who have to meet in this incarnation will make it with a very definite spiritual aim enrolled within themselves: join their complementary energies to help this planet to ascend to its 4th density.

Only 2 % or 3 % of all human beings will find their other halves here and now. This number is sufficient for the awakening of consciousness necessary for multidimensional important meeting.

These spirits have come to remember.. to awaken from their Earthly hypnosis from mind / emotions / desires which have moved away from their true spiritual role here and now. Books, videos, lectures, people, coincidences and synchronicities will be part of the process of personal awakening.

Some special features of Twin Flames:
– have similar or complementary skills: about 75-80% similarities (tastes, qualities, desires) and 25-30% differences / tolerances between them.
– There will be intense and strange sexual attraction. If this does not happen, the person you have met may only be a fellow traveler or a Soul Mates (remember that many answers to your desire to be together and unified are not of this dimension).
– They do not necessarily come to a predictable and routine life partner, as in getting married, having children, paying debts, etcetera. You may not want and / or hate paradigms like this. Their sense of total freedom and unconditional love are above social dogmas imposed, they will want an open and unfettered freedom, be loved but not submit, be jealou, manipulate or enslave their partners.
– Are supremely independent in every way, they should be in peace / love with their opposite polarity ( healing wounds), only then it will be smooth and easy to achieve their destination.
– Both are very metaphysical  and esoteric  “witches” and open in mind and spirit, they will seek together or alone the awakening of consciousness. They will support each other a lot in that transcendental aspect .
– You don´t search for your Twin Flame: they FIND YOU. They will sit by your side and you together will flow magically as multidimensional millennia old and wonderful friends.
– Sexual, mental, emotional and psychic – spiritual connections eventually will be developed, all magically will flow without conscious effort of both. Seeing a couple of Twin Flames together, the casual observer will see a beautiful, harmonious and loving couple, with everyone, and with the Universal whole . There will be magic, sweetness and charm at your pace without conscious effort for it.

With the union on Earth of Twin Flames in light and unconditional love from their 6th density sovereign soul, they will contribute unconditionally -as they are magical and powerful beings- to the elevation and transmutation of denser energies, karmic and chaotic characteristic of 3D in this planet .

They enigmatically come to clean this planet and then to raise spiritually from the center of their hearts full of light, peace and unconditional love Christic and multidimensional.

“We’re not here to learn anything.. we have come together to remember.”