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During your journey towards self-love and wholeness, making reunion possible, you may often feel your heart is battling your mind. Your heart knows the truth, it always has. However, your mind is where negative emotions like doubt, fear, sadness, discouragement or desperation come from. This is difficult, it is no pick-nick, and you may feel at a loss at times, not knowing what to do or where to go.

First and foremost you need to learn to love yourself, and listen to your heart’s voice. Your mind will be constantly trying to contradict what your heart is telling you, but eventually your heart will be stronger. Second, it’s all about TRUST. Have faith in your inner knowing, and try to make the best out of this separation stage: learn, heal, grow, set goals and develop yourself. There is nothing we can do to make them face their fears, and listen to their hearts. All we can do is focus on ourselves, and keep working on healing and growing. By doing so, they will too. You see, you are connected with your Twin. It is an infinite, unbreakable connection. Imagine a golden-like ray coming from your diaphragm, and going straight into his. It is always there, no matter what. You could consider it an umbilical cord: by reaching towards the light as much as we can (healing our wounds, facing our fears, growing and developing ourselves), this wonderful bright light you have obtained will go straight through the umbilical cord and into your Twin, giving him the chance to heal as well. This is why it is so important for the both of you, to keep healing, growing, and always have faith. Now, whenever you feel any kind of frustration or sadness arising again, try sitting down: breathe, and lower your energies from your mind all the way down, towards your heart and diaphragm area. Imagine a wonderful, bright golden light surrounding it. If you focus your energy on your heart, you will begin to feel the truth again, and peace will flow back into your soul. 🙂

Your patience will be rewarded eventually. ♥