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Greetings and Welcome!

“I COULD NOT GET TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT! And then when I got up for a snack (might as well eat as I had been awake for so long I got hungry), the clock read 3:33!” “I have been feeling so peaceful and serene of late. Boy, did I need this!” “The people around me are acting so different now. So much more open and full of love.” “I felt so unplugged and disconnected the other day. Everything just stopped. Nothing happening. Nada. And so isolated and alone!” “I tried to join a new group and was completely ignored. Like I was invisible or something!” “Everything was rolling along with new connections and then suddenly, Wham! Everything simply evaporated.” “I feel like crap. My body is still struggling with these energies.” “Something magical is going on. I can feel it.”

Last night many of us lay awake as we hovered above the threshhold of a very new space. But by this morning we had successfully crossed over and into the new, and now, there is much more reality at our fingertips and things are moving once again. To backtrack:

The equinox opened a new vista with a much more wide expanse for the taking. We anchored in on the 22nd, but only for a brief time because almost immediately, our new arrival created a huge, sweeping clearing in order to make room for the new. This clearing moved a tremendous amount of the old around and out. Immediately following was a period of tranquility (thank goodness) while things were being repositioned. And then, immediately prior to our landing in the now cleared out new, we of course experienced a disconnect and the usual insomnia which occurs when we are about to land somewhere new.

These are all manifestations of going through the portal of the March 20 equinox. The lower rungs of the new hierarchy also began to manifest amazing things during this time, and in this, they are strengthening even more . . . . . a much needed requirement if we are to maintain this very new reality and keep it afloat for a very long time. The lower rungs are getting stronger and stronger with manifestations of the new and their new space is coming in stages as they begin to build upon themselves.

For those poised on the higher rungs, manifestations can occur, but because these rungs are still dependent upon the lower rungs (the higher rungs are the last to fully connect), the manifestations that these souls experience are rarely a good fit as they are temporary and belong somewhere else entirely. Because whatever is currently available is what the higher rungs have to connect to, the fit is not a good one and will dry up very quickly. What is occurring is that all of us are experiencing the manifestations at once as we begin connecting to the new grid. The closer a soul is to their new home, so to speak, the more their manifestations will permanently take hold. Even so, all of us are inching forward and more fully into the new reality no matter how this is unfolding. In this way, for some, they are getting strong messages and new connections about their new lives and what they will involve, while others are still hovering in the land of the in-between, waiting for the lower rungs to establish themselves more fully.

So even though things are moving right along, and the grid is greatly strengthening, we are still in a state of progression. We are also quickly moving into states of nonjudgment and unconditional love. This is what is necessary to really unite the vibrational rungs on the new hierarchy. If you are one who is observing exciting and thrilling experiences of others, know that your time will indeed come. In addition, our hearts are doing the creating, and in this, our new scenarios can change on a whim. The heart is dictating what our new lives will look like. Our lives, then, are going in the direction of what we feel passionate about, where we come alive, and what opens our hearts.

We are still bee-lining towards the Grand Cross alignment beginning on April 20th and commensing on April 3, along with following eclipses on April 15 and April 28. This event will herald the cross-roads from the old to the new and will serve to push us even further into the new reailty, along with, ahem. . . . more squeezing. But we have been preparing for quite some time, going through many mini and repetitious Grand Cross experiences, and this will greatly serve to ease the process.

For now, for those experiencing┬ámanifestations that seem to line up quickly and just as quickly evaporate, we can know that these connections were never meant to be. Attempting to push them along and round them up once again will only serve to create very unpleasant experiences as we are being blocked for very good reason. Not a good fit. Not yet time. Those souls inhabiting the higher rungs of the new vibrational hierarchy will be manifesting things of a very high vibratory order, and their manifestations then, are much more intricate and require things that have yet to be experienced in our most recent earthly incarnations. Thus, the longer delay as these souls require more than “the ususal.”

But all this is acomin’. And we are making great and quick progress as we are moving along┬ámuch more rapidly now than in times past as we have reached a much higher frequency and are embodying it like never before.

My h
eart to yours,


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