If you are passing through the phase of runner, surely there is an escapist in you, although you´re not conscious of it. If we understand that we create our reality 100%0, well: we are creating this stage.
Remember that we create from what is recorded in the subconscious mind: past emotions, present, inherited patterns, beliefs, paradigms, ancestral patterns, etcetera. So maybe we think we cannot influence what happens to us always, but think about this:  how have our mother, our father, our grandparents, our ancestors influenced life? We have always either faced what happens to us, or at some time in our lives we have avoided certain situations. Is there some aspect in our lives we want to escape from? Well, we already know we don´t want to face this difficult stage with our Twin Flame.

And there are many ways to escape: working, going out all the time, television, internet, religion, social groups, drinking, drugs, etcetera. There are evasions more subtle than others, but whenever we are avoiding being alone, or face something that costs us (which -in many cases- is life itself ) we run. Of course, not every time we work, watch television or go out we are running. Everyone will have to analyze their own situation with honesty to detect when it is evasion, running.

I believe that in most human beings there is (or was) an escapist manifesting in a certain aspect of our lives, and that’s why we have to pass, Twin Flames, through this stage. As we have to heal other patterns, paradigms and beliefs, we have to heal the fear within ourselves. The mission involves the healing that will help the collective subconsciousness. That is the essential part of this relationship. We must always remember that goal, and the mission of love for humanity .

I have already identified my escapist and I am glad to have found that part of me, because if I find it I can heal. So I share what I have learned in my own process as it helps you. Countless blessings,

Annete Ruiz