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Twin Flames are truly meant to be together. Many Twin Flames are originally intended to fulfill missions, next to each other and with each other. They are not supposed to be separated. Many things could be happening individually with Twin Flames. They leave each other or “rely on the reservations” of their divine calling. This could lead to old pains and desires. Twin Flames share a magnetic attraction towards each other, which goes far beyond the physical, mental or emotional attraction.

If we could look at Twin Flames through a cosmic microscope, we could see that they share the exact pattern of creation: the exact same “electronic blueprint”. Not any other ‘ordinary’ soul, or even a higher soul (the Soul Mate) is the same as your Twin Flame.

Many Twin Flames once started out together, by accepting lives on Earth (or even on other planets). But all of a sudden, free will became far too interesting. This caused them to decide to go ‘separate ways’ and follow a different path, while also mingling with other souls, trying to find different interests!

Of course, not all Twin Flames remained separated. Sometimes a Twin Flame is illuminated, while the other one is still trying to find mastery.

There is a deep and ancient memory of the connection we have with our Twin Flame. Even if there should be a long lifetime without the other half, our soul is aware of his presence.

The love of the Twin Flame is not meant to be wasted. The magnet of their love can assist the evolution of millions of souls. It has happened before.

Twin Flames are faced with the test of selflessness, and are to learn to adopt a conducive attitude.

However, we have also entered the new Aquarius era, in which Twin Flames will be brought together. Are we ready? Is the Universe able to count on us, to abandon narrowness or unforgiveness? Are we finally ready to give shape to our divine destination? The Universe is eternally hopeful! Each and every one of us can start reuniting with the energy of the Twin Flame, by making the decision to devote that energy to the Higher Self. We can start meditating, and in a simple way discover we have a path ahead of us. We have a unique reason for existence.

We are changing our vibration, and are already developing ourselves in the frequency of the Universe and our beloved. We must allow ourselves to be forgiving (towards ourselves and others), have faith in our mission, and try to stand tall through the tests that are being presented to us.

Many Twin Flames are already connected to what we call “Ascended Masters” or “Angelic Realms” and have a strong inner connection with their Higher Self, the inner teacher. So even in times of loneliness, we are not alone: we are being forced to maintain and nourish our inner connection to the light.

The soul may wonder if she is able to carry this burden of the light: she may feel insecure, but her Higher Self encourages her to go on, and to keep trusting the invisible world of the Universe. These are simple, yet crucial steps towards reunion with our beloved.

It is an inner process as they say, but we need to train ourselves to have faith in the Universe when our loneliness tries to surface.

Our Twin Flame may not be in his (or her) best shape yet. Isn’t it interesting to know the Cosmos keeps filling up our cup? Because we have a whole lot more of this love to share! There is a purpose. In the meantime, we must try to be content with the reason for our existence, by paying attention to the way we present ourselves to the world, and our fellow beings.

Love that stems from the Universal Source is meant to be expressed. Somewhere, this Twin Flame energy is necessary. Perhaps nature needs it, or perhaps new souls that are to present themselves on our path. This is the inner journey of the Twin Flame.

There is no average path. However, many souls among us are ancient. There are so many spiritual souls walking this planet.

The journey towards your Twin Flame is the path of victory, so that you may know when to give tenderness to your own soul. Also, you may learn how to keep working on your own flame and know that there is no way but to keep going. The Universe is building our fire. We are a flame. A living flame. We are Twin Flames, in the beginning and in the end.

Source: www.missionsaintgermain.com