We have received our very first story to share with you. It was sent to us by Phoenix. Thank you very much, Phoenix for sharing your wonderful story. 🙂 We relate to you, and we fully understand.



Hi Angelique, Gaby, Veronica,

Sorry the mail was sent incomplete by mistake.
I am extremely happy and grateful to have found a platform to share my experiences with my twin flame. Such support is rare and I am ever so greatful.

In 2011 I had seen a vision of Me from another life where I was happy with a man and when on death bed I was not ready to leave my body As I had to stay back to be with him, protect him, Be there for him.this vision touched a deep sense of pain and happiness. Pain because there was separation and happiness because there was a reassurance that with some one somewhere in this world I had such a strong bond which was not broken at death.
Same year few months later  I met my Twin flame. The circumstances involved in bringing us together for first time were quite unusual and unexpected.I still remember that day when I met him,before I met him, I felt as if the universe was blessing Me and something special was about to happen.when I finally met him and we locked eyes it was as if I am looking beyond the eyes in to something which I cannot explain..an immediate sense of happiness struck Me from nowhere.it kind of took Me off guard.everything I imagined about in a person came alive infront of my eyes.
I was extremely happy after that for some time. It was pure bliss. We did not have a conventional relationship, never had a physical involvement or confession of feelings of any sort. We had incredible telepathy,would finish each other’s sentences,  almost had same moods being miles apart, had same likings for songs, Food, interests. Our thought process was same so much so that I felt as if I fit in some kind of mould which was exactly my type which is not normally with others.
The bliss was short lived and his first panic attack came in 2 months time. He entered his shell and cut contacts with everyone.what shocked Me more was my response to the whole thing. I was crying uncontrollably for a person I met a month back, spoke on phone, shared some thoughts and that’s it. I dint know what hit Me. I sat in the church for hours praying that he would would come back.
And he did! My happiness knew No bounds. Then we would speak for some days and again he would disappear.it was a roller coaster ride. During all this I used to hear my inner voice to just Be there for him. And that’s what I did. I use to feel happy in his happiness and sad in his sadness. I felt extremely protective about him. I used to practically feel that I have gone mad As feelings which I was experiencing were coming like floods without any apparent reason.
He would guard his feelings most of the time but let loose occasionally. At the end of about 8 months he hurt Me and I decided never to look back. I avoided him, and he was hurt too but soon disappeared in oblivion. That was the worst phase of my life.

I would wake up and feel immense loss. Tears would come uninvited and would not stop. There would be chest pains and headaches which had no explanation. In the middle of sleep I would feel his presence,  wake up and weep. I even saw a vision where both Of us are in an extremely illuminated place which is very beautiful and I saw him with immense love in his eyes and us holding hands. This vision was not matching reality but was a soothing balm.I have also quiet literally felt his presence in my room where he told Me not to worry and everything will ne fine.something like an astral travel.
His indifference killed Me. I thought he would atleast see if I was alright but he didn’t. Anger was building inside Me. Then after 8 months he came back. Inspite of my anger, I did not react.anger had dissolved.

After that he comes and disappears and this has been ever since.
All this time pain of separation was too much for Me to handle I started looking out for answers. I went for an intense meditation course In which my naval chakra went through changes.That lead to intense burning around navel where I felt all fears surfacing and I had to face them no matter how painful. I had to face separation and could not find refuge in others/ other relations.
He is still is on the run and pain has subsided a bit As i always feel his presence around Me even if he is miles away. He is always talking in my head. Our songs play on the radio unknowingly when I Miss him.his name pops up from nowhere. His dialogues are overheard when someone else is speaking.
But inspite of all this there are wells of fear like Will he come back? What if he loves someone else? What if Curent get to see him ever? How will life Be without him? What if he just doesn’t feel anything and it’s one sided? I too develop anger and it subsides .
I was struggling and landed up on your blog and ever since it has been nothing short than a blessing.

I feel so hoof penning my feelings as if a load is Off my back.
I know I have face myself, lobe myself first and I have started post language wrote to Me. Have been able to achieve will Power for overcoming things that would never seem possible in past.
I am grateful from the core of my heart to to all you angels 🙂 for coming to my rescue. We have a telepathic understanding. Whenever I feel sad or crumble this blog has something exactly what I need that very day. It’s magical! Thanks a ton. Hugs and goof wishes that you halves come to soon.