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We have decided to create a whole new section, called “personal stories”. After introducing ourselves, we realized it may be helpful for all to share our own, personal experiences regarding Twin Flames. Also, personally we have experienced it as a great relief to be able to share what we are going through. Of course, this may be entirely anonymous if you like. You could either change your names, or leave them out completely. 🙂 However, if you would just like to share your story, but would rather not have it published: no problem.

Feel free to sit down and let your heart flow onto paper (or in this case: your screen). Even without sending it to anyone, you will find it feels like a weight falling off your shoulders.

Please, send your story to: inspired_awareness@hotmail.com

Of course, we will notify you and ask for your consent once again prior to publishing your story here. 🙂 Your story will be published completely un-edited, meaning we will not change a thing. It is your story after all.

Note: check the ‘about’ section on top of the page for our own personal stories.