In your inner being is wrapped the unit. The feminine and masculine develops within you. When you decide to balance their individual characteristics you allow yourself to grow and evolve in fullness, harmony and joy.

Your feminine aspect invites you to connect with your spiritual self and experience unconditional love for yourself and others. When you allow your feminine side to act, you remember the ability to communicate intuitively, perceive beyond the intellectual judgments, and understand the language from heart to heart again.

Recognizing your feminine aspect, teaches you that you are a creator by nature, and shows your high potential to germinate new ideas, and create extraordinary experiences . By letting your creativity be guided from love , you will manifest expressions of abundance, joy and beauty.

Regardless of your gender, you reside in the male and female aspects. Within you, live representations of mother, daughter, friend , wife and teacher. In your connection to the protective qualities, trust, listening, loyalty and guide, you remember your unit.

When you have the humility to learn from the feminine aspect, you will rise above your rational limitations and be reborn to spiritual strength.

Your inner teacher is always willing to show you the way of compassion and understanding. By embodying these qualities you will become a radiant magnet to attract at your pace sweetness , peace and warmth.

The great master of the world, Mother Earth gives you the strong teaching of giving without conditions continuously feeding you. Your inner feminine aspect feeds your soul with patience and helps you to transcend the limiting thoughts that hinder your perfect performance.

It is time to reconcile opposites. Release the bitterness associated with your mother, sisters, or women in general. Let your inner guide show you the way to true forgiveness and release the past.

Open the door to the spirit of femininity and wake up her qualities!
Your feminine side is a precious gift that only you can activate.
Follow your intuition and decide to live the way of your heart!