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This is an article written by Patricia McNeilly. Below, you will find a link referring to her personal website. Enjoy. 🙂



Faith is the Substance of things hoped for, and the Evidence of things not seen! Especially In Love!

You are the Angelic Illumined Twins. The Ones with the Intense Powerful Divine Alchemy and Harmonics WITHIN. You took the Ultimate Challenge to your Passionate Love together, by separating, for in Your Original Love there was no Pain nor Separation. This is your Fairy Tale, come true! To have Faith in Knowing you would Reunite with Your True Love, no doubt, no Fear. You agreed to separate, to assist those who would Ascend by the Sweet Gentle Power of your Love with Your Twin, by your example, to be constant and persevering.

Your Physical bodies were the last form of Separation, into dense duality and experiences.
This has been the Ultimate Challenge to your Unconditional Love for Your Beloved. To have the faith and fortitude, without any physical evidence or comfort, that most people need to believe and feel. THAT is the Ultimate Test of Unconditional Love!

YOU ARE THE ONES. The Ones who have carried all these experiences, with the solutions WITHIN your bodies, of how to give people the examples and tools and ways of overcoming and Rising In Love!

Those who have gotten this far, ARE GOING. Relax and finish what you need to. If you are going First (and the Illumined Angelic Twin Flames ARE part of the FirstWavers), THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW! Those who have withdrawn have already done so.

The PRIORITY is the UNION and the LOVE! Everything else is secondary!
You have all the assistance and support you need, and so does your Twin.

Several of you Illumined, the Halves of the Twins that have NOT incarnated as frequently (this is many of us, but not exclusively the Feminine Counterparts), it becomes more and more difficult for you to find any comfort, joy or fun or peace. Why? Because you are the Half Ones who are so HIGHLY vibrating, you are almost fully grounded in the 5th and beyond. You will need the physical Reunion and Merging with your Counterpart to fully ground and Anchor yourselves and your Love here, to be able to feel the True Bliss.

You and your Twin are meeting each other on the MultiDimensional Bridge that you Together are Becoming.

In order to get to that place, your Etheric, Mental, and Emotional Bodies, as well as Physical, are having the densities and distortions vibrated out and off. This is enabling your Light Bodies to Emerge out of your physical bodies This is very painful at times, and in seemingly endless cycles, but be assured there is an end and goal in sight. You are experiencing the most deeply embedded injuries and patterns of distortion being taken off of you. There may be glimpses of memories and frissons of feelings associated with this process, and they are merely the tip of the iceberg, out of the entire scope of your eons of experiences.

What does all prior Damage do? It creates the feeling of separation. And not Remembering. For example, by chopping a Tree, you damage it. If you keep chopping at the same spot, you will have completely severed it and SEPARATED it from its Roots AND its Source, correct?
You cannot glue this back together in the 3rd Dimension. But ahhh! In the 5th, in the fluidity of the Liquid Crystal that you are WITHIN, yes, you can! YOU CAN, and you are quite capable and being enabled to do so! How? Meet your Twin, Merge, and effortlessly “glue” – or truly MELT – yourselves back together!

There is NO space for what experiences are no longer useful, and they are quite literally being excavated out of you, and deposited into the Akashic Records for all Time. You have successfully accomplished this.

Everything that is WHOLE is rippling back to YOU – the Light and all your “parts” are coming back in! In order to get to that so desired deep PLEASURE, the removal of all density and duality was necessary.

This has been so much more difficult for the mostly, but not exclusively, Feminine Counterparts. Because the “higher” 5D Twins have persistently rushed through the work and what was necessary. They Remembered early on, and have KNOWN they are here to end the karma, that this is their last incarnate life. They KNOW they are solely here to Reunite with their Twin, Merge, BE LOVE, and GO HOME! This present transitional interim we have been in has been very difficult and painful, getting rid of the worst entropy. But it will soon flow into the Twin Flame Encounters, and become quickly Pleasurable and Passionate! You have been still still exuding and releasing all that is NOT LOVE.

You are learning to BE center, so you can BE center WITH YOUR TWIN. You must attract and not repel each other. Keep feeling them WITH YOU AND IN YOU. Magnetize and Embrace them in your Heart! Gently, yet forcefully and persistently, pull them to the Center of your Twin Flame Sacred Heart, to the Core of the One Soul that you are Together! Your Full Union will happen. It is Your Divine Truth and Purpose to Be One Love again.

It is clear that the higher vibrating Counterparts are so exhausted. You are empty, finding that there is really nothing to “DO” and that NOTHING or NO “thing” comforts, there is nowhere to LEAN, nobody to have fun with, nothing brings deep joy or pleasure or rest. Sure, you can bake a cake, but its exhausting, right? You bake it but have lost the energy to frost it. Be assured, this is actually right on track for you. WE CANNOT HOLD the DENSE energies it takes to maintain or to create here in low frequencies. It’s not in us because you no longer WISH to pull that much energy to “DO”. It has been “unplugged”. You are now Rewired, bringing in and rapidly expanding, with the much higher co-creative Love and Light frequencies of your Twin Flame Union! And so it will be for your Twin as well.

Once you start Making Love together, you will be CONSTANTLY ENERGIZED with PURE LOVE! And it will then be effortless and inherent second nature, to co-create ANYTHING you both desire from this Divine LOVE Energy! You will create endless possible intentions – traveling, cooking, writing, music, interior design, teaching, film-making, new technologies, sports, etc, etc,etc,etc! EVERYTHING birthed from LOVE.

The Source of Energy – LOVE – is coming from WITHIN you both, instead of from the outside. REMEMBER, you are FLIPPING THE POLARITY!

May and June will be “Crunch Time”! – Another HUGE Wave or Inflow will disrupt things “down here”. There is NO more TIME for any Major Issues, between you and your Twin! These issues are being shook up, truly being dealt with, brought out, released and Transmuted NOW. Once together, you may still have a minor disagreement with your Twin, but you will NOT allow anything to amplify, escalate, teeter you, or separate you, EVER AGAIN!. You must NOT be in “old” fear that there are any risks or that you will not stay together. Remember, you are LOVE EMBODIED.

For those Ones going first, who have been long expecting and PREPARING for this time, you are expected to be calm and balanced. Your thoughts and actions Together must be from Faith and LOVE.

EXPECT YOUR BELOVED, because this IS happening. The Equinox was the Point of NO RETURN.

You are now starting to Emerge your Light Bodies. In your shared Purpose with your Counterpart, you will be living in and/or traveling to specific geographical locations, to Anchor and Exude your Love through the New Grid. The Peak will be the Summer Solstice, of course with the full strength of the Summer Sun. For those who have been completely asleep, it will be an extremely chaotic time. Many of you will be assisting indirectly in stabilizing and
bridging. Maintain your own serenity, calm and fortitude. The Illumined Angelic Twins are all almost exclusively originally from the 9D – 12D. Directly birthed from Source Love.
You will be living Embodiments of the 5D through 12D Love Frequencies, Anchoring and Bridging Love and Divinity into the 3rd Dimension. You Twins Flames ARE ASCENSION.
Your Counterpart can be best assisted by HEART FOCUSING them. Pulling them down from their Head, and then up from their Groin, Centering them into the HEART with you! It can be tedious, but keep focusing on WHAT YOU WANT – not what you don’t want. THAT is what pulls them to your vibration!

Regarding your feelings expressed that you cannot “feel”or “see” or “dream of” or get the logic of your Twin, please know that you ARE doing the same behaviors and actions of your Twin, and yet reacting as the POLARIZED Opposite of Each Other. Remember, you are the SAME Mirror Essence, Soul, Vibration, or Frequency, but are on opposite ends. You are pulling each other BACK to Heart-Center, back to One, back to zero point. You must be level and centered within with your shared Infinity Symbol, so them you won’t repel each other any longer, but instead Magnetically Merge Center.

When we have been reacting, we have been repelling each other, but on the opposite ends of it. That is why you have been told Patience, Patience, and more Patience. We are having to be PUSHED to the Center. No worries. Your Soul Decision was long ago made. You will Re-encounter, Re-Unify, Merge, to BE AS ONE, for ALL TIME. YET, still maintaining your individual personalities within the One Soul. Truly Two as One, Creating Three (Love).
Seamlessly, Powerfully, and yet Gently, Your Twin and You are being nudged by Your Higher Selves.

Your Reunions are intended this to be as sweet as possible! And materializing as romantically as you have wished and imagined it! TRUST!!!

JULY – A NECESSARY MERGING MONTH! It will go very rapidly, make your head spin, sweep you off your feet, the changes in your life! And it is critical, that those who are Physically Merging ARE merging for your OWN SAKES, and for what we are doing here on the planet! Being, Anchoring, and Exuding Love for this very important time.

You are in KEY Geographic Locations, and will Fully Connect The New Grid, by your Lovemaking at these Points. These Points will be like a New Web. Your Light and Love will burn off and out the OLD web, and it will fall off like an old net. When the New Grid Pipes expand with your Love, and are running full blast, you Twins can “Go Home”, when and how you wish together. You will be ready and multidimensionally capable, within Your Union, to move on as agreed. The other beings choosing to stay in the 3rd density for more karmic lessons and not Ascend higher, will be moved elsewhere for more Soul evolution. YOU won’t see the old life! It will all seamlessly dissipate and fall apart. You will barely remember the old density. You will have infused your shared memories and experiences into the Akashic recordings, where it can be used for the masses , your eons of experiences will have served their purpose. YOU will be fully immersed In Higher Love and Life with Your Beloved! You are receiving assistance from far and High Places, because everybody has an “investment” here, and we all win!

YOUR LEGACY -The Knowledge of Unconditional LOVE and the HOW to rise above anything, anywhere, anytime/place!

Your Love is the Original Source AND the Brand New! The stuff that enables EVERYTHING! It will assist those beings who are not Twins, to incarnate and have an “other” to live and love with. It supports and inspires and infuses ALL peoples and projects. It provides uplifting energies, allows new technologies, creates new species. Our Love RAISES The Entire Universe and All That Is! ALL beings will FEEL True Forgiveness, Peace, and their own Unique Divinity, through Our Love! Twin Flames in Full Union are opening ABUNDANCE and Ascension for everyone.


This Message was Received “EARLY” (originally in late April and late May of 2012).

From All That Is through The Magdalene / Jeshua Illumined Twin Flame Soul Group.

Received through Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge, Illumined Twin Flame.
Received & Recorded by Patricia McNeilly, Illumined Twin Flame.

Disclaimer: all rights go to Patricia McNeilly from http://www.twinflamesmerge.com