On the Twin Flame path, there comes a time when one of the Twins (usually the man) becomes so overwhelmed and freaked out that he decides to leave. This is when the stage of the runner and the chaser begins.

He wants to regain control of his life, and to stop this madness already. His thought pattern is as follows: “If I run, and abandon all this, it will be over and done with and I will have peace again.” He has begun to realize that this connection is far more than he thought it was. It is so intense even, that he does not know how to handle it and chooses to try and ignore it. You see, the connection forces us to face ourselves, to look inside and work on our deepest fears. However, it is too much for him. He is afraid to face his own Self, and therefor runs away in an attempt to maintain the ‘status quo’ of his being. He is perfectly aware that -should he choose to stay- this relationship will transform him completely, so he will use any excuse to get away from you. They are often frustrated themselves for trying to justify this decision.

The chaser, who is left behind utterly confused and destroyed, has already reached a higher level of spiritual awareness. She wants to make the runner come back to her, and will initially try to achieve this in any way possible. She wishes to change teh current situation, so she can be together with her one true love. The intense and excruciating pain caused by the runner’s decisions lead both of you to confront your own unresolved issues, so you may heal them: rejection, abandonment, addiction, and pain caused from the original separation. Usually this ‘debugging’ process, which pushes you to grow, takes him to reach enlightenment as well. All this seems harsh, even cruel at times, but it is necessary so the both of you will achieve the same level, and are able to reunite.

Annete Ruiz.