It is wonderful to see that this Twin Flame aspect -even though it causes disappointment, grief and pain as we go along- is still a deep and steadfast longing of your soul: an intense desire to be by his (or her) side. Whether you are aware of it or not: right here, right now the process is transforming, developing and changing. So, guess what triggers this (sub)conscious desire?


Even though you may not want to see your Twin, know anything about him or talk to him because you experience the need to hide and ignore your heart’s voice, and even though you may take off with the speed of light and get involved with other people (dating) in an attempt to forget the calling of your soul to bring your attention to your personal journey: eventually, there will be no avoiding your divine purpose. No matter how many distractions present itself around you. Notice how the above resembles the Runner’s profile.

Your heart will always be there, and always have a voice stronger than anything. It will beat constantly, simultaneously to the rhythm of your Twin’s heart: throbbing as one, the rhythm you have chosen to play together.

If you feel restless or frustrated, or experience any other emotion: he will automatically pick up on these vibrations and feel the same way, without even realizing. Of course, this is the other way around too. It does not mean your Twin is sending you negative energies: it means that you are perceiving his mood because you are one: united in heart and soul.

Now, of course you will not taste the food he eats, but you may feel his intention to have breakfast at a later (or earlier) time than normal.

You feel everything your Twin Flame feels, but you may not always understand.

Should either Twin initially decide to ignore their heart’s voice, and turn their back on the Twin Flame process, his partner will feel this within her heart: she will experience deep sadness, excruciating pain and a sense of immense failure and abandonment in one way or another. Even if the ‘running’ Twin is unaware of what’s going on, his soul, his Higher Self will continue to fight on the other side of the veil: it will never stop, because it knows like no other how crucial it is for him to join his Twin Flame, his other half. And eventually, he will. It may take some time, years even. It will require patience, healing, working on yourself, fighting to remain standing tall.. but the promise of reunion is there.