Twin Flames are connected by bonds of love in all areas. Because of this intense connection, you are able to feel the emotions and difficulties your Twin is going through. Therefor, it is important to remember that when you feel something that does not seem yours, or you do not identify with, know it is your Twin. Send him love and healing. You may experience this with others as well, it is the empathic part of you.

You may send out certain energies by visualizing certain colors:
– indigo blue for protection
– pink for love and liberation from karma
– white for mental clarity regarding the way of life
– green to heal mind, body and spirit
– yellow and gold for illumination and wisdom
– purple / violet for the transmutation of any past or present distortion (including karma)
– a crystal energy to release any programming errors (negative thoughts, misconceptions) in the mind
– gold / ruby for wealth and hope

In addition, each time you work on healing yourself, this will reflect on your Twin Flame. So as you are healing, your other half also benefits from your efforts. This clearance is a real labor of love, for you, for your Twin, and for humanity.

Annete Ruiz