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“The upcoming year we will see many changes and commotion regarding our relationships -because we are looking forward to our Twin Flame, our Soul Mate- so we can organize, compare en sort out some things. “Are you willing to anchor yourself deeply within me? Are you the right mirror for me? Are you a clear mirror for me? Or are you merely presenting me with (your) chaos? Do you truly want to go to the same place I am planning to go?”
Our destiny, our final destination, that’s what this is about. Is this relationship -the you and I- our faith, do we share the same mission, the same philosophy, do we believe, are we each other’s ultimate truth, do we share the same visions and desires?
If not: BAM!” ~ Tom Lescher

It could not be more clear. The upcoming time we will get closer to our truth. It is up to you to find out what has been (or is) the cause of your separation. What was the purpose? What was the exact reason? Go ahead, and put yourself in front of the mirror so you can look inside, and truly transform.

You cannot blame your Twin Flame, he (or she) has merely been a trigger, a projector of your core’s wounds. Investigate your own “chaos”, so you can truly see what may still be processed by your soul, in order to heal. So, use the upcoming time to truly reflect on yourself. Only when you realize your Twin has solely taught you self-love, you may expect a reunion.
It’s time to finally get together, isn’t it? 😉

The past weeks have been truly exhausting, completely paralyzing and you have felt overly tired, furiously waving your arms around because you simply can’t do it anymore. Endless sleeping, not wanting to wake up because ‘it feels nice to be cut off from the outer world’. These were -in short- the dynamics of February 2014. And of course, this also has a reason, as your inner self has been drastically cleansed. You haven’t noticed a whole lot of that, merely on a physical level.

On a cosmic, planetary, mental, emotional and physical level many things have been thrown over. You thought you were confident, but all of a sudden a whole lot of things have started staggering. The same thing goes for your Twin.

This is due to many structures and dimensions becoming too small or narrow for us. All your convictions have been erased, and everything that provided you with some kind of certainty (maybe even security) has been taken away from you. Know you have outgrown this, your old concept has simply burst. All these sudden changes may have felt like a “catastrophe”, but nothing could be less true: you have been freed from your old ballast. Again, the same thing goes for your true love. A breakthrough had to be established.

Your Twin has also escaped from his (or her) prison, and no matter how safe it felt: you can still feel there is a clear sigh of relief. Now, the time has come to slowly get over the first shock, and to no longer suppress any ‘(un)welcome’ insights. Know that your Twin’s entire philosophy has been knocked over, burst apart: he may have (for example) seen a relationship or a marriage break apart (emotionally or literally), he has had to let go of steady convictions and ideas, concepts of certainty have been smashed to pieces. All of this is shocking, and radical but in truth: it is a breach towards freedom, sort of a “eureka-experience” from within the soul, the spirit, the Higher Self. Your Twin has experienced multiple inner shocks, just like you. Give him the time he needs to arise from this chaos.

The month of March does not only symbolize “the man in the mirror”, but also stands for enjoying, cosiness, improvidence and joy of life. Try to enjoy Spring, allow your eyes to see the beauty in the world, look forward to your life together with your true love, and try to wake up each day feeling carefree. Also, do not forget about your sense of humor.

Even though it may seem miles away from you, look forward to your reunion. Try to visualize your relationship with your true love; see the two of you going on a vacation together to some uninhabited island. Allow this to become your own truth. So, just be in love, create a bridge towards him, feel the love between you, wish for it, allow him into your mind and ‘see’ how it could be between you.

Do not deceive and mislead yourself any longer. Believe in yourself, in your own heart.

Your reunion has already occurred in that other dimension, and it is slowly being manifested now on Earth.
The physical reunion is the last thing that’s left to happen, and is -as you know- very necessary!

Namaste, Caroline

Disclaimer: all rights go to Caroline from http://www.carmacoaching.nl