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– “I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH DARKNESS! This is horrendous!”
– “This has got to be the lowest point ever in the ascension process. Could it get any worse?”
– “I have been in an uphill battle for months and months, and now yet a new bale of hay gets dropped on me? I am having enough trouble as it is just trying to get through a day!”
– “I have simply had enough. I am done, done, done. This is the very last straw. Get me out of here now!”
– “I will not do this for one more minute. I do not care what is occurring with the cosmos. I am packing up and going somewhere new tomorrow, even if I don’t know where that is!”
– “I have never been treated so badly in my entire life! This is insulting, to say the least. I am shocked. What in the world?!”

Yes, what in the world? What in the world is going on, anyway? Aren’t we supposed to be poised for some magical and powerful movement into something we have never experienced ever before? Wasn’t this supposed to happen now, or at least very soon? Things seem to be getting worse, not better. And as for coming together, that is the last thing that seems to be occurring!  It’s more like we have been dropped off the face of whatever Earth there is left and are hanging on to who knows what while we are being attacked, insulted, and strangely surrounded by venomous energy spewing in all directions. So really, what is occurring now? What is the latest grim explanation of yet more delays and more unpleasantness, if anyone even cares enough to read on?

The ascension process is currently trying to strengthen the new grid, to make it so strong that it will hold together with no possibility of collapsing. The lower rungs of the new platform have been coming into place. For many of these residents, new windfalls of support are in the wings which will offer support for these souls to begin their very new endeavors. These windfalls of support will actually be available to all of us in due time, enabling us to have success in creating our very next phase of the new reality and how we will serve it.

With the advent of any arrival into new, higher vibrating space comes darkness at its heels. The darkness has been dislodged. It becomes frightened as it has nowhere to go. In the new reality now mid-way through its creation (in structure), love, God, and the heart are massive central points and cores that everything will revolve around. The darkness now knows that it cannot fit in here. It screams loudly and even louder. It is frightened beyond belief. It has lost its home, a home it has knows for Eons of time.

It does not know where to go, so it seeks refuge in whatever opening it can find. Have a negative thought? Dislodged darkness will sweep in and attach itself to it. Have a fear? Darkness loves fear. Fear is its candy. Feeling self-critical? Darkness will support your beliefs and create dramas around you illuminating just that. Feeling unsupported and alone? Darkness will laugh at you and attempt to make you feel unworthy. Feeling unattractive? You get the gist.

There is so much darkness present now, that it is showing up anywhere and everywhere. And it is terrified. While all this is occurring, so is the changing of the guard. The light is passing the darkness as it moves into place. The light is moving right on up to its new residency while it waves to the darkness it is leaving behind. “But I don’t want to lose you!”, the darkness wails. “You have always been so loving, kind, and supportive! What will I do now? I don’t know how I will ever get by!”

But this is what the darkness does not know. It does not know that the light is simply moving into place in a very new reality on a very new grid. After it is firmly achored in and after it connects more fully, heart to heart, with its new residents, the light will then turn and embrace that frightened darkness and love it like it has never been loved before.

But for now, the light must be firm. It must say “I am indeed going. I am none of the things you say I am, and besides, I will be seeing you again after I gain the strength, support, and position I am now entitled to.”

So then, the lower rungs have begun to firmly establish themselves and in this they are happy. But they are not so happy about the light leaving them behind, and with this latest movement (more about this further on), more darkness has been dislodged. At the same time, the Ascension process is attempting to unite more fully family bondings and connections, whether biological or not, in order to hold the new grid more securely. In this way, some of us have recently had encounters with loved ones in an attempt to solidify these connections more fully.

Valentine’s Day brought in more movement. Valentine’s Day opens more hearts all at the same time, and with this heart opening, more new and higher vibrating energy arrived to fill the now opened hearts. So, more hearts opened, more family united, and more darkness became dislodged.

But at this point many of us really do not care and have simply had quite enough of all of it. In this we are crying out, perhaps literally crying, and packing up. We are going, no matter when or if the time is right, we are going! No more waiting! The reason that we have had enough is because it is finally time and somewhere within us, we know this. Many of us are refusing to participate in any more of this insane process. So we begin the preparations and we begin to pack. And even if realistically the conditions are not yet optimal, as the spaces we yearn for are not fully positioned yet and cannot, therefore, exist, we are going anyway. We have made our voices clear and I am told that we have been heard.

If we may not know everything with certainty at the time of this writing, we will indeed know very soon. Our clarity and the details will arrive. And then.. we will not be travelling blind.

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