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Every month, Dutch certified life coach, medium, Twin Flame counselor and fellow Twin Flame Caroline (from http://www.carmacoaching.nl) publishes an article regarding the current changes and developments. I will translate these to English, so all of us will be able to find support and lessons in her words. 🙂

“The pressure is clearly present, no doubt about it. Even signs occur again (on a daily basis). You can even feel completely taken in by your Twin’s energy (for example, by his family, his surroundings, his friends, etcetera). A whole lot is happening, right now.

The Venus Retograde has been intense, and you have felt it.
An upward motion in feelings is on its way now, in which you can either choose to upgrade, or downgrade everything. So: what is your attitude towards your faith, your process? Do you carry your Twin Flame in your heart? Or do you angrily point your finger at him? Are you energetically attracting him, or are you pushing him away? It’s all up to you!

After a (short) period of restlessness, inner ‘panic’ and exhaustion, you have now (re)gained some new strength, because the peace within you has returned completely. Know that right now, you are fully capable of realizing your own process. You can accelerate things, so you can also accelerate love, and your reunion. Go ahead and claim your reunion, it seems simple and it is.

Many of our Twins are still (completely) ‘stuck’ in some kind of tube (a tunnel). Like a prisoner in the dark (in himself). It’s the being stuck, and anxiously holding onto the inside of that tube, to not have to see the light shining inside from above. Because recognizing that light in you is still far too frightening, so it seems safer to remain where he is. You are still too bright for your Twin, he is used to the dark, and still looks into the light, narrowing his eyes and blinking against that bright light, so he can get used to it slowly. As soon as his muscles relax from anxiously grasping that tunnel, resistance is no longer possible. We also call this ‘hitting rock bottom’, but during such a depression or regression, us Twins are all lovingly supported.

Once the light has been accepted, your Twin can look up and be lifted. Now, he is still halfway through his dark tunnel, but we all know how fast the light can spread. Now, you let go of the tunnel, you are not there. You are already light. All you need to do is breathe, the rest is already there.

Give attention to yourself, get rest, and welcome your True Love in your heart. Start doing this now. Your Twin is receptive towards you. He is open, wide open even. Communicate with him telepathically and heal him. You belong together. You can now shine together.

It is fully up to you now, so take a lot of rest by laying down daily, and if necessary cut the cords of your Twin regarding his Soul Mates: heart to heart, umbilical cord to umbilical cord. You can truly cut these cords for him, because you are acting from love and light. By these cords, I am referring to the connections your Twin has entered in previous lives and in this incarnation, regarding bonds of friendship, love relationships, both with men and women. They are connections he has entered with anyone who is not his True Love, because his True Love, is you.

So how can you cut these cords in a pure way?

Visualize all the cords coming from him towards all his Soul Mates, so also the ones he has experienced (your!) sexuality with (during countless lives). Cut them through thoroughly, and tell a possible present partner:

“Dear friend, thank you for your presence, and your part in bringing my True Love (his name) up until here, in his development. But your task is done, I wish all the best for you. My True Love (his name) and I are releasing you, so you can be with your own True Love. So please, let us go, step aside.”

Then, visualize his heart chakra, and the second chakra and light it within him; connect with your own heart chakra, and second chakra, within yourself. Then, stand in front of your Twin, and connect with him on all levels. Circulate your energies in the infinity symbol (a figure 8-motion), from head to toe. Then, create a big circle (or an egg) as protection. With this, you will seal your love and your force field.

Make sure you do this in a pure, loving way! As soon as you divert from this and start playing with ‘dark magic’, the effects will remain absent.

Namaste, Caroline”

Disclaimer: all rights go to Caroline from http://www.carmacoaching.nl