Article about the male ‘runners’ by well-known medium; MB Rhais.


A soul-connection is the most difficult relationship in existence. The thread that -on one side- provides you with something to hold onto, and on the other side seems to slit your throat is there.. and will remain there.
The fact that not everybody understands this cosmic connection will not come unexpectedly, and especially men seem to remain ignorant to it.

Of course, each path has its obstacles and bumps, which we all need to face, and cannot escape from. Let’s first take a look at ‘the man’ (energy-wise).

I compare them to IKEA-furniture; they come in unhandy boxes, carry a manual that seems to be some weird Swedish menu, and as if the devil has played with it: there always seem to be certain screws and nails missing (or it goes the other way: you seem to have far too many), BUT: once the necessary cussing and yelling, sweating, and wanting to throw the entire package against the wall has ended: your furniture is finally standing, beautiful and solid, and you can count on it. It is the exact same way with men.

However, what each man deserves a Nobel prize for, is avoiding their lessons, waiting until somebody takes them by the hand and walks them through it. Acting like an adolescent at such an age that it simply gets embarassing. GET REAL. But that is the exact problem: they think they are being ‘real’. Us women are nuts, too emotional, and in short: we want too much.

Throughout the centuries men became an ALPHA: they feel obligated to take control, and choose a partner who stands in the kitchen, bare-footed, with a couple of whining children around her. It’s a pattern they do not even carry the blame for, but it’s simply in their blood (as shopping is in women’s).

Everybody who has a soul mate / Twin Flame chose it, they chose to be one unity, mentally and physically, because sex does play a role in the Cosmos. When you love someone with your entire heart and soul, the lust and the urge to be one body becomes enormous.

Cosmic connections are HUMAN, but they are being guided by bigger, more extensive ‘bosses’ who are firmly in control.
Sometimes, as a woman, you think: “how is it possible for him to hide in a corner like that, act like a victim, or like some macho man devouring one female body after another?”. There is no answer to this, unless their lesson always ends after they fall flat on their faces. The end, that will herald a new beginning, and even though HE will never admit that ‘faith’ took him where he needed to be; he will be there.

Waiting and being patient are not our strongest assets, but in fact, there is nothing wrong with that. As long as the thought of that ‘red clothesline’ that connects your energies and your hearts is not strung too tightly.
Men will be men, and I am afraid we cannot change that. Their feelings will rarely overpower their mental being.

Don’t they, as your soul connection, feel the pain and the frustration? Oh yes, they do! But first, there is that lesson: that mountain that only they can climb. Your life lesson may be fully completed: he is probably running behind.

Be sure of one thing: the biggest factor that is restraining them, is an incalculable and indeterminable fear. A fear appointable to their heart’s (and soul’s) desire, but regardless of this fear, this phobia: they will exceed themselves and end up with their True Love.

Look at it this way: you are taking the high-speed train, while he took grandma’s old, rusty bike to follow you. It is what it is, deal with it.

Men are complex beings: their brain works technically, and not emotionally, but is this their mistake? No, just as it is not your mistake if you (feeling powerless) often decide you have had enough and want to give up. However, KNOW that the Cosmos will always remind you -by sending you signs- that this ‘red clothesline’ between you and your Twin can never be broken by any human hand or pair of scissors. So don’t try too hard, wait, let him simmer like a steak, because he will come anyway; your knight in shining armor, your all, your own. Despair will hold this energy back, and block it, so let go…

Your Twin Flame came into this life, because you BOTH chose it, he simply is not aware. Do not allow sadness and fear to strangle you, do not be afraid your connection will be cut off.

Never diverge from your goal, stand for your own truth, because at the end of this exhausting, frustrating ride, the most beautiful thing in the world awaits: YOUR TWIN!


All rights go to Caroline from http://www.carmacoaching.nl