The Angels appear in moments of major transformation, but they do not produce the changes.
They come to us at this time to help us to cope with fear and leave it: to provide help and assistance to be aware of the new opportunities that life presents, major and powerful opportunities.
Angels increase our ability to trust, they help us to learn about ourselves, and to trust our wisdom within, our inner knowing and express it through different actions in our daily lives.

Angels increase our ability to be compassionate and forgiving.
Compassion, and the ability to forgive, are the greatest gifts we receive from our heavenly companions. In our unconsciousness and ignorance, we close our
heart to receive these gifts, but when we open it, the obstacles and barriers that may exist dissolve and disappear. Let´s open our hearts, and our beloved angels will help us to develop this opening to receive their wonderful gifts.
Living with the Angels to get in touch with them, doesn´t make us different from the rest. It simply allows us to get in touch with our inner self, when we feel disconnected.

When we are in tune with the Angels, we are able to see others from within.
They motivate us and inspire us to be aware of the signals of our Higher Self , who moves and flows in harmony with all living being.
Angels put in all their efforts to get our attention and to communicate with us. This way they help us to manage our lives.
However, signs they send out to us often go unnoticed, and when we notice them, we assume they are only coincidences.

The Angels say :
“We can not write our messages to you in heaven, You have to pay attention and believe when you see a significant pattern or sequence in your life, especially
in response to any question, request or doubt you may have.”

When you hear the same song repeatedly or see the same sequence of numbers, who do you think are behind this? Your Angels, of course!

Your Angels often communicate with you through number sequences. They do this in the following way: first, they gently whisper in your ear, so you will look at the clock, a phone number, or commercial advertisement at a specific time along the way.

The angels hope you’ll become aware that you are seeing the same number over and over. For example: you could often see a repeated sequence like 111, and it seems that every time you look at the clock it will be 1:11 or 11:11.
The second way in which angels teach you meaningful number sequences is physically manifesting a situation. For example: a car drives up in front of where you are, and it has a car plate with specific initials or a number they want you to see.

Those who are aware of this phenomenon, become faithful followers able to read the meaning of several license plates, as angels truly present you with detailed messages. You simply need to pay attention.