The Indigo and Crystal Adults are composed of two groups: first, there are those who were born as Indigo’s, and are now making the transition to Crystal. This means you are experiencing a transformation that awakens your “Christ” or “Crystal” consciousness, and connects you to the Crystal children as part of the evolutionary wave of change.

The second group are those who were born through their own hard work and the diligent following of their spiritual path. This means that we all have the potential to be part of the emerging group of “human Angels.” With these gifts and abilities, Crystal beings are immensely powerful and creative.

Many contain Gold and Magenta rays, which make them masters of creation, especially of light and sound. This manifests as artistic and musical creativity on the Earth plane. Those containing the Indigo or Silver ray, are also graceful as “mothers” and “goddesses” of this planet, and carry the feminine vibration of healing and nutrition. Those carrying the Red or Gold ray, on the other hand, carry the masculine vibration of manifestation and are often the leaders a the more active sense.

The future Crystal child will be known as being a “Rainbow / Crystal child”. They come from the Thirteenth dimension, capable of carrying and transmitting all the rays of incarnation and evolution within their vibrational field.

Already, there are Rainbow / Crystal beings on planet Earth, but they still do not open to their full potential. They are not yet aware, or have not fully opened their hearts to it. They may be still in the awakening process.

The exciting thing regarding these evolutionary developments, for ordinary people, is that the Indigo and Crystal beings carry these vibrations to the planet in order to share with others. Just by their presence, they assist others to move into these new vibrations and to also be opened to their full potential. The Indigo / Crystal gift to the planet, is the gift of evolution and access to their full potential, for every human on the planet at this time, if they choose it.

At this point, many people who are allowing these changes or transitions within their fields and their aura, have moved from the original state of consciousness of the Third Dimension to the Indigo state, and after to the Crystal one, with the assistance of children carrying these vibrations.

Now, these adults are able to maintain the Gold ray of evolution in their 8th Chakra, and are helping to create a Matrix for the creation of the New Earth. This pulsating Gold light can be clearly seen in their aura’s by those with gifted with clair-voyance or the ability to sense the aura. However, with the vibrational shift that the planet is experiencing, which is aptly called “Ascension”, the Earth and its inhabitants have the opportunity to “ascend” from the Third Dimension of consciousness into the higher dimensions. When the consciousness ascends higher, the higher world comes closer, until there is a “gap” which is called “Multi-Dimensional Consciousness “. In this state, the human being is able to access both, the material and spiritual realms with ease.

The need for intense meditation will no longer be requires, since the access to the spirit realm is immediate and evident. The people in the Multi-Dimensional state have accessed their Angelic presence or Guides, and recognize themselves as Spirit beings or Angels who also have a human body that is able to function in the material plane as a physical being.

At this point, the Higher and Lower Self can be seen like if they have been entangled: like the human being is now a Human Angel.
It is important -at this point- to establish that those who made ​​the transition into being aware of themselves as human Angels, to also be aware of how important it is to be human and to be well-grounded in the material dimensions or planes. The whole point of this transition is to bring “Heaven” to “Earth” and not drift away into some ungrounded paradise state.

For human Angels there is work to do: creating this New Earth that will bring Heaven here. And since “Heaven ” is merely a state of consciousness, these human Angels must work to bring the higher states of consciousness to the Earth plane.
Once this is achieved, a planetary culture will be born that will respect all beings as manifestations of the Divine Essence. and this culture will reflect that respect in its peace, harmony and creativity.