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Most people are familiar with channeling in a way or another.  People who dismiss channeling as a valid source, tend to forget that most of the holy books actually come from channeled material along with experiences that happened to the protagonists of the stories.  Whether it is Archangel Gabriel coming to give the news to Mother Mary, or the 10 Commandments in the Old Testament: one can say that most times, the recipients of the information were not actually “seeing” with their own eyes and “hearing” with their physical ears the personification of God (or Godess) or the Archangels. Most commonly, a sort of psychic activity was happening.

Now, how would we define “channeling” and how is it different from “medium-ship”?  Channeling is a non-invasive way for spiritual entities to make a sort of telepathic contact with an incarnated being and deliver guidance and support. Medium-ship is allowing the spiritual entity to use your body to speak while you will not remember afterwards, and while you are in trance. Both modalities require your energy to establish the connection, but medium-ship tends to require even more energy and can be more risky, so currently most spiritual beings choose channeling as their preferred method of contact.

People tend to think that psychics are the only skilled, connected ones who can channel and see the future. In fact, we all have the same skills and it only takes time, patience, sincerity, pureness and no longer questioning being able to connect and channel. All those “master” psychics, mediums or so-called “guru’s” who channel and get tons of followers are just being regarded as the master because people do not believe they can actually reach the same level. But we all can. And it is in our best interest to be able to connect with our guides and Higher Self before being dependant on what someone else channels or teaches for life.

Most people dismiss intuition or “that little voice that tells you stuff in your head” because they think it is themselves talking to themselves and that is all. However, as you grow in channeling and learn to trust it, you will see that you may get information that in fact, contradicts what you were thinking.  I had this happen, I was sure that for example a certain person was acting out at me because he was mad, but it turned out that what my guides said was right, and this person had an entirely different reason to act out. This is how you start figuring out it was not actually you talking to yourself.

The first step to connect with spirit guides is to want it. Guides are very respectful of free will and normally would not interfere nor organize syncronicities unless your life is in danger and it was not your appointed time. However, when you connect with them, you will start seeing more and more syncronicities that will make you think you are being invisibly lead by a force you do not understand.  If you want the door towards your guides to open, knock on it. Make a simple, heartfelt prayer to connect with them. Ask them to talk to you in the best way and manner and always from a pure, light intent.

Once you have made the request, you can start practising the connection. Before making a connection, you should create a quick prayer and shielding visualization, especially in the beginning of channeling, to avoid any energies that may want to mess with your connection to come by. Just state you want to talk to your true guides in light and that only love and light can go through you as channel. Imagine white light surrounding you.

Then try to get into a meditative state. Relax, close your eyes, and take some time to feel your breath. Once relaxed, try some visualization, try to visualize your guides. Do not hold any ideas on how they will present themselves, they may look like dots of light, or like human shapes, or like mist. Let your mind show you how they want to present themselves. When you sense them, ask them a question, any question you may have.  Wait for the answer to pop in your mind. Always trust the first answer that comes to you.  Once you have the answer you may want to delve deeper into this answer and ask more about it, or just thank your guides and finish the contact. Wait for a confirmation on what they told you, it is very likely you will receive this soon.

It is important to clarify that channeling can be pure, of light and from true guides and spirits trying to help your ascension path, but it can also be deceiptful, not true and misleading according to the agenda of the entity channeling.  There are tons of misleaded guru’s out there, or misleading channeled information which serves the agenda’s of the beings who channel it. I have found tons of lightworkers around who were deceived by entities who told them tons of lies about 2012 and what would happen to them, and those entities vanished after December 21st leaving the channelers confused and unwilling to try channeling again.  We have also found self-proclaimed guru’s saying they are the incarnation of an Ascended Master (be very careful and guarded of anyone using the name of a master to present themself) and who presented information which is partly true, but mostly comes from ego and as a way of manipulation.

How to pinpoint a channeling of the light from one that is not of the light, or that holds an agenda?

  • An entity that introduces itself with a name, most likely is using that name to gain power over you and respect. Most entities who work for enlightment do not even give a name. They will say “we”, or you will feel as if this was a part of yourself (your Higher Self ) talking, but using names of Ascended Masters, or saints, or Archangels can be risky, and one has to analyze very well the message to look for any ego-orientation in it.
  • A positive entity will never tell you what you have to do, ever. Free will is paramount in the Universe. They will never say: “you do this and you do that”. Beware of entities telling you what to do. Send them away, they want to control your energy.
  • A positive entity will never warn about disasters, ask for temples to be built in their names, or ask people to do this and that to gain their salvation. A common case of misleading channelings and psychic activity is some of the appearances of Mother Mary around the world.  The true Ascended Master Mother Mary would never come to say what tragedies are to happen and make people fearful. That is a violation of the free will of mankind, because through fear there is manipulation.
  • Positive entities will never speak ill of other people, gossip about other people, trash other people’s beliefs or create polarization. I recently faced a case where the lady who was channeling was told that this other person was from the dark side: a satanist, and told me not to share any information with him.  Needless to say, a being of light would not polarize and would not say that someone is evil. A true warning may manifest like: “carefully observe the actions and reactions of this person” more than saying the other person is a bad influence.
  • The predictions of the beings who have their own agenda normally do not happen and just cause you confusion or pain, misleading you and feeding your ego. The predictions of beings of light are always accurate.
  • Positive entities do not feed your ego. They will not say you are the Ascended Master incarnated, that you are better than anyone else, that you came to save the world, or that your mission is more important to others. They will gently support your path and they will always ground you. They will present options but never push you on anything cause again, this violates your free will.
  • It is wrong to think that because you channel beings of light, you only channel beings of light. Think of your mind now as a radio receiver. You can tune in and get light, or you can tune in and get darkness. Your mind in that moment may not see the difference cause the transmission sounds the same. So, always analyze the messages. Always analyze the tone of what they told you, and find any piece of ego in them.

The spiritual world is not that different to the human world, in the sense that you can bump into people who will tell you thruth and help you, or you can bump into people that may deceive you and tell you lies: and how do you handle this in this world? Through discernment.

Getting connected to the spiritual guides will lead you to find your new soul family, your new best friends, the ones who will  be there for you no matter what, with love and wisdom. Most guides have already incarnated at some point, so they know the human ways. They understand you. And no, you do not only have one guardian angel. You would be amazed to see the team who is cheering for you from the other side of the veil!

Good reading material can be found by Carla Rueckert : http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ra_material/channeling_handbook.htm