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Many of you probably think about the well known movie trilogy when the Matrix is mentioned. In fact, this theory is actually based on it. You see, this movie is often used to clarify the current situation in the world, for it carries a huge spiritual message. We live in a world ruled by the “Matrix”: ego, materialism, fear, conditioning. In this world, we all learn to follow society: not to ask questions, obey. However, more and more people are waking up, and are willing to step out of this Matrix because they sense there is much, much more. Now, the main character in the movie is Neo. Neo is offered a choice, by means of two pills: one will take him back to the Matrix, back to ego, the “comfort zone”. The other will bring him to enlightenment, shows him his true Self and opens doors (the awakening). However, choosing this pill might be fearful at first: you have to give up your reality and all you believed in, and accept that there’s a much bigger picture than you thought.

In the movie, Neo is attacked by “agents”. The agents represent low density vibrations, negative energies like fear, insecurity, sorrow, pain, doubt. They would do anything to prevent Neo from beating the Matrix, and reclaiming his power.

Eventually, Neo does beat the Matrix and regains control over himself. He is free now, he can do anything he wants and nobody can stop him: he is called “the One”. The trigger that caused him to achieve this state, was his own personal awakening process, his healing, facing his fears, fully believing and knowing that nobody could control him but himself. However, the other major trigger was Trinity’s (his Twin Flame) love for him. She told him she trusts him, and loves him. He was dead (while in the Matrix) but got back up (during his awakening) and confronted the agents.

The agents tried to attack him once more, full throttle this time, by firing a rain of bullets at him. These bullets symbolize all the bad things the Matrix sends your way: fear, insecurity, doubt, confusion, unresolved issues from the past, trauma, conditioning. Actually, everything that harms us. However, Neo turns around, faces the bullets and says loud and clear: NO.

The bullets stop touching him at once. They cannot hurt him anymore, because he doesn’t let them. This is because he is awakened now. He realizes he’s the one who has the control: he decides, he chooses, and no one else. This counts for every aspect in his life. This counts for everyone. As soon as you wake up, and release yourself from conditioning and the manipulation of the Matrix, you realize that YOU call the shots. You realize the agents are in fact powerless, unless you allow them to attack you: you decide whether or not you allow the agents to send these low density energies at you: you decide whether or not you choose to accept sorrow, pain, doubt, insecurity, or anything else that lowers your vibration. You decide whether or not you also turn around and say NO, like Neo did.

After Neo has stopped the agents’ bullets in the movie, he -in turn- attacks them and the agents are beaten. Comparing this to our current Earthly life, it is assumed that after beating the agents (the low density energies) you are to find and cure the root of these attacks. Usually this root can be found in childhood trauma, self esteem issues, fear of abandonment. Once we find and heal these roots, we become invincible.


Can you see how Neo says “NO” in the movie, and the agents can no longer influence him? No matter how hard they try, scream and shout, they have lost control. They are powerless.

Just like in the movie, many people have not yet awakened. Those who have started their awakening, are continuously under the attack of the agents, who want to bring them back to the Matrix and regain control. People who have not yet awakened, can be used and manipulated by the agents to attack the ones who have. At the hand of this example, we see that the people who are still “asleep” (the ones still living in the ego, and still being controlled by the Matrix like puppets) generate huge challenges for the awakened ones. These challenges can manifest in misunderstanding, rejection, resistance, confrontations, unexpected setbacks, fill in the blanks. In fact, these are all challenges that make you look even deeper inside yourself, and grow.

We have to consider that many running Twins (mostly the males) have started their Awakening process, but they are not there yet. Many of their actions will not make sense. Many of their actions may even sound rude or confrontational, or purposely meant to hurt you. But this is because they are still under mind control, they still live in their ego. They are not ready. They are not there yet to understand, so they are just doing what they think they have to do: which is run, and push away and hurt you because they are in the Awakening process and it is confusing. Very confusing. Taking their actions and words at heart is like taking the actions and words of a toddler at heart. Would you still be mad at someone who did something bad when he was a child, or 20 years later when he is mature and grown up, and realizes things?

So, I guess this is an individual path that is triggered by a soul connection. We can only work on our own process, we cannot push others to do so. We can be the trigger, but each person will eventually get there. The purpose of this is re-empowerment, healing and connecting to the true Divine, with ourselves and with others. No matter the outcome of the connection, it is always about us, about waking up, about not letting the Matrix control us.

Once the Matrix (and ego) in this world collapses and cannot control us, I guess this is when Ascension will happen in mass. We have our personal Ascension and we have the planet’s Ascension. The more awakened ones, the better.

I do think that a soul love like a Twin Flame or soul connection, or whatever you want to call it has that purpose. It tells us: “I believe in you. Now wake up!”